Remember ~ Reconnect ~ Relaunch

COCA's inaugural Presidents’ Dinner was held on the evening of Saturday the 16th of July. This event celebrated Cromwell’s history through those that have upheld its traditions and have been instrumental in fostering the tight-knit community that Cromwell prides itself on. 

Out of the 65 Student Association Presidents that Cromwell has had pass through its halls, 18 were in attendance. Seeing the bond that was formed between them as a consequence of this common history was very special. The warm feeling throughout the evening is best exemplified through the link between new and old as we hosted the newest, Lachlan Power (2015), and the first, Des Yesberg (1954), Student Association Presidents, and at least one from every decade in between! Despite the varying age groups, Cromwell’s traditions enabled all to enjoy each other’s take on various O-Weeks, Bunkers and @Homes.

Moving inside from pre-dinner drinks on the Deck, our honoured guests were treated to a fine musical display by cellist and Cromwell Fresher, Reece ‘M’Laady’ Reed, à la carte dining, and recounts of their time at Cromwell by Michael Knowles (1959), Greg Keane (1977), and Lachlan Power (2015), in the Junior Common Room (JCR). The JCR proved to be the perfect setting as it encapsulated Cromwell’s history with the trophies and year group photos proudly displayed throughout the room.

The message shared on the evening echoed what the JCR denotes - that Cromwell’s rich history deserves celebration and that the transition into Alumni shouldn’t be where the story ends. Moreover, that COCA can be the conduit through which all of our Alumni can share in their common experiences and interact socially and professionally, no matter what vintage of Cromwellian they may be. 

The success of the Presidents’ Dinner was carried over into Sunday the 17th, with the Alumni celebrating the relaunch of the COCA News. This casual and relaxed affair allowed current students, families and old friends to reconnect over a drink or two. Old boys and girls were able to enjoy some nostalgic wanderings down their old corridors and into their old rooms. The showcasing of Cromwell’s newer facilities and the new magazine were well received and left a number of people waiting in anticipation for the Ball on October the 15th. 

With this new publication on its way to Alumni, we encourage everyone to contribute to the next edition. We want to learn of your journey and where life has taken you since leaving Cromwell and we wish to celebrate and share your stories with our community. 

It is important to thank Tania Dempsey, Cromwell’s new Community Relations Officer for all the hard work that she has put into producing the magazine and organising and executing two immensely successful events in just a few months in the Cromwell community. The attachment she has developed to Cromwell in such a short space of time is truly indicative of the community that we are all a part of.

Please don’t forget to spread the word and reconnect our lost Alumni! We are in the process of launching a new platform to make it easier for our Alumni to connect, so keep an eye open!

If you want to find out who your Year Group Representative is for the Ball, or you want to become a Year Group Rep yourself, please let us know.

The Ball is on the 15th October 2016, don’t be the one to miss out, secure your tickets now!

More photos from the weekend can be seen on our Facebook page here....

Daniel Baum

COCA President

COCA Student Presidents Past

Back L to R: Richard Shannon (2003), David Wildermuth (1991), Peter Betros (1975), Adam Bartels (2008), Damien Alroe (1974), Greg Elphinston (1992), Peter Fuelling (1997), David Midwood (1986), Darryn Rackemann (1999), Lachlan Power (2015), Greg Keane (1977)

Front L to R: Mike Knowles (1959), Daniel Henalla ((2014), Delia Bolger (1993), Des Yesberg (1954), Joanne Landmark (2010), Nicholas Finlay (2011)

COCA New Relaunch