Please help "Kostya"

I am writing this article in the hope that Crommie Ticker is still well and truly alive, because one of our members really needs it right now.

Many of you might not know Masoud “Kostya” Abdollahpouri, who came to Australia as a member of the Iranian National Team to compete in the Thai Kick Boxing World Championships in 2004. After one member of his team fled, Kostya and the rest of his group were placed under investigation by the Iranian government. Sensing danger, Kostya decided not to return to Iran and was granted asylum by the Australian government.

Despite being a fully-qualified nurse in Iran, the Iranian government froze all his documents and he was unable to access them in order to work in his profession here. This meant that Kostya had to enrol in university and study his degree all over again.

Luckily for us, however, it also meant that Kostya joined the Cromwell community in 2006, supported by the Helen Begbie Memorial Bursary and by his part-time work as a security officer. Kostya and I were both freshers in Lockley House, and became friends. It was hard not to like Kostya, who was (and still is), a kind, sweet and funny gentleman. Anyone who had the chance to get to know him will tell you what a decent, caring person he was. Kostya was dedicated to caring for others. In a true testament to his values, Kostya went on to study to become a paramedic after finishing his nursing degree in 2012.

Tragically, in 2013, Kostya suffered an Acquired Brain Injury only twelve days after his father passed away. Kostya now requires full round-the-clock care, as his injury has left him a paraplegic. Despite speaking six languages (including Persian, Turkish, Arabic, and English), he is now also unable to communicate verbally. Kostya, a bright, caring, strong 35-year-old man who should be enjoying the prime of his life, is now living at an aged-care facility (Cooinda House Aged Care), and faces a lifetime there, unless we are able to intervene.

Using all their life savings, his mother and brother Edris travelled to Brisbane from Iran this year, to help care for him. They are desperate to take him back home to Iran. They are asking for support to raise money for flights and necessary care equipment to provide him with the best care possible in the company of those who love him. 

So far, $12,000 has been raised, but the family are still short of the nearly $70,000 they need for the specialised medical equipment and flights for all three of them.  I ask that you please draw on your best Crommie Ticker, and consider donating to Kostya’s cause. His brother has set up a GoFundMe campaign under the following website:

You can also contact Edris Abdollahpouri on (+61) 0413 401 447 if you have any further questions, information, or assistance that you think might be helpful to Kostya and his family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion for this member of our community.

Sofia “Sucre” Robleda (2006 – 2008)