P WEEK 2017

To assist in preparing the Resident Assistants (RA’s) and Executive (Exec.) for their leadership positions in 2017 a full P Week was held this year from Sunday 12 February to Saturday 18 February. The aim of the week was to:   
  • provide sessions that inform students about various theoretical aspects of leadership
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership group as a whole
  • experience working together  as a team
  • discuss challenges and expectations of the leadership role, particularly that of an RA
  • upskill students in a number of WHS areas
  • provide some sessions on areas where there is a particular focus for the year
  • spend some social time together as a group

The leadership direction for the year was set with a talk in the Chapel on the first night of P Week by the Principal, Mr Ross Switzer and was followed by a whole day on Monday, conducted by Leadership Directions, where students were introduced to the DISC profile, learnt about their own traits as well as those of the group. The qualities of a leader, effective communication and listening skills and sources of leadership power and its influence were discussed.

All RA’s, and some Exec., spent a morning with the Sheldon Pace from Student Services at UQ as part of their Mental First Aid Training on Tuesday morning. Training in Mental First Aid has received very positive reviews from leaders over the past couple of years and is now considered a must have qualification in order to effectively care for  students. In the afternoon Ashley from Alcocups provided a very informative session on managing alcohol and alcoholic events within a college context. He also introduced a number of practical resources to assist in students being aware of their blood alcohol content and had leaders simulate various level of drunkenness by wearing special goggles.

Lachlan Power, Student President at Cromwell (2015) and now the National President of NAAUC, presented two very useful sessions on Conflict Resolution and Diversity to students on Wednesday morning. The afternoon was spent receiving WHS training focusing on Fire Evacuation, the use of fire extinguishers and fire panel training.

Mr Bill Hunter led the group through an informative and humorous CPR and First Aid qualification on Thursday. Bill covered a large amount of information in his session but by the end of it everyone was confident in knowing how to assist with basic medical emergencies, how to conduct CPR and use a defibrillator. Ms Monique Bradley and Ms Kim Fletcher from Student Service conducted an insightful workshop covering Sexual Assault and how to support someone who presents information to RA’s or Administration at the College.

The secret location this year was at Emu Gully, located a Helidon, approximately 100km north-west of Brisbane. It provided a number of personal and group challenges and assisted this year’s group of leaders to work through a number of problem solving exercises that tested some people’s limits, patience and level of trust. The activities were based around a number of ANZAC/WW II themes and culminated in a Kokoda Track activity, which required the whole group to work together  to transport a person on a stretcher through a number of “mud pits”.

On the final day of P week I conducted a session on the Role of RA’s and Mr Andy Gourley, the CEO of RED Frogs, presented a session to leaders on All Age Events, an area of focus in the college this year. Andy has a great deal of experience in this area and presented his experience in an interesting and entertaining manner.

Overall this year’s P Week, although long and tiring (with our leaders regularly meeting socially of a night time with other College leaders throughout the week) was enjoyed by students and gave them a positive start to their leadership experience at Cromwell.

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