Cromwell’s Great Academic Results

The final analysis of results has been completed and Cromwell students performed very well academically this past semester with the College Grade Point Average being 5.19.

There were eight students who achieved the perfect score of 7 (GPA 7.0) for every course they studied and congratulations go to these students: Tom Ennever Uralla NSW (Arts), Mitchell King Sunshine Coast (Science), Michaela Marcus Stanthorpe (International Studies), Nicole Tomsett Vancouver Canada (Environmental Management), Rosanna O’Neill Tamworth NSW (Pharmacy), Roy McCutchan Rockhampton (Mathematics), Megan Finlay Stanthorpe (Medical Laboratory Science) and Claire Zhang Adelaide (Speech Pathology).

In total, there were 118 grades of 7 awarded to Cromwell students with a further 285 grades of 6 awarded.  60 Cromwell students achieved a GPA greater than 6.0.

Overall, these results speak volumes about the academic rigor and support programs offered at Cromwell, and equally about the level of effort and commitment from the students.  What is more important than the statistics, is the fact that a growing majority of Cromwell students have worked to the best of their ability, and are learning as adults to balance the many variables in their life here at Uni and at College.  The whole Cromwell College community looks forward to the annual Academic Dinner where formal recognition can be made of these fine academic and effort achievements.