Crommies in Canada

Moisha's Steakhouse in rue Saint Laurent, Montreal was a great venue for Ross and Jenny Switzer to reconnect with two recent Cromwell alumni.  Godwin Shorland (2014-2016) from the Sunshine Coast and Tanita Leary (2016) from Dickenson College (ex New York) caught up with Ross and Jenny on 25 May 2017  for dinner.

Godwin studied a Bachelor of Business at UQ and has now continued his studies at the HEC Business School in Montreal. Godwin intends to undertake post graduate studies in Entrepreneurship at University of Melbourne. He spent two years in Lockley / House and loved it! Tanita has recently graduated from Dickenson College (Pennsylvania) with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biochemistry and Forensics. She also lived in Lockley.

Both students describe Cromwell as feeling like a home, with this feeling increasing over time. They both spoke of the strong community feel. Godwin reflects on the social scene at college saying that he is "over the Thursday nights out" and now prefers places to have a quiet drink (he loves his craft beers) and relax with friends!

Godwin and Tanita are travelling across Canada east to west by train to then spend time in Vancouver. It was great for Ross and Jenny to be able to catch up with Godwin and Tanita in Canada, and we look forward to hearing where life's journey takes them both in the coming years.