Blackhawk Pilot speaks at Formal Dinner

At the Formal Dinner to commemorate Anzac Day, Cromwell College had the pleasure of hearing from Kevin Humphries. He is an Ex-Army Officer, rescue helicopter pilot and mental health ambassador, who at just 21, earned the keys to a Blackhawk helicopter. Kevin’s 20 year military career flying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters for the Australian Army is nothing short of stellar. Kevin shared with the students the ups and downs of life in the military, offering advice and honest, candid stories, gained through his many years of  experience in the armed forces. He made specific reference to the important issue of mental health, and encouraged people to seek support and advice early if experiencing personal issues. Kevin is pictured with one of our first year students, Chanele Legrand, who played 'The Last Post', and some of the boys from Bottom Hancock whose turn it was this week to be guests at the high table with our guest speaker and staff for the evening.