A Great Start to P Week!

A strong and highly anticipated Cromwell tradition each year is the Staff and Student Leaders’ Dinner prepared and hosted by Jenny Switzer at Jenny’s and my home.  What better way to commence the year ahead than by having staff and their partners, and the student leadership team join together casually with Jenny and I (and our cavoodle “Ollie”) for drinks and dinner at the start of the leadership training week. It was a terrific night and I’m sure everyone appreciated the huge effort that Jenny went to over many days in preparing and hosting this event for around 50 people. In true Cromwell spirit, many staff and student leaders pitched in to help either serve or clean up on the night. I found I was more help staying out of the kitchen! A great way to start P Week. We have great staff and student leadership teams at Cromwell who are valued for the many different roles that they all perform, and it was fitting to share last Sunday night with them all.

Ross Switzer