"Living below the line......"

On Tuesday 23rd May the last formal dinner for the semester was held.  It was a special occasion due to the focus on the ‘’live below the line’’ campaign that Cromwell is supporting in order to raise money for the Oaktree Foundation.

Ms Phoebee Nind  and  Ms Caitlin Gordon-King  from the Oaktree Foundation spoke about the uniqueness of the community service group they are involved in and what the money from the 'live below the line' campaign would be used for. Oaktree is one of the largest youth-run organisations in Australia and is focused on ending poverty. The girls indicated that poverty isn’t just about how much money you have but also leads to a lack of access to basic requirements such as education, healthcare and social inclusion.

The 'live below the line' campaign, that a number of students at Cromwell are participating in, is designed to raise awareness of poverty within communities. The 2 day challenge requires students  to live off just $2 per day.  $2 is the Australian equivalent of extreme poverty adjusted to reflect the real cost of items in Australia to cover the costs of such things as food, accommodation, transport and medicine.

To highlight the disparity between the "haves" and "have nots" in society, the dining room tables, food and service for the formal dinner reflected this accordingly. The ”haves” had “white tablecloths, table service and a lovely menu, whereas the “have nots” had plastic utensils, had to serve themselves from the back of the room and had bread, rice, a vegetable curry or soup to eat.

Thank you to Matthew and his kitchen staff for their assistance on the night, Molly Farmiloe for her organisation and the students for their enthusiastic participation

Ms Phoebe Nind, Dr Joe Goodall and Ms Caitlin Gorgon-King