Prime Minister meets Cromwell Students

On Tuesday 20 May a group of students and administrative staff had the opportunity of attending a breakfast in the main auditorium of Brisbane City Hall to hear the Prime Minister, the Hon. Tony Abbott, speak on the recent Federal Budget.


The event was run by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland in conjunction with the Bank of Queensland. Students in attendance had a particular interest in business and economics.


The Prime Minister discussed the fiscal incentives outlined in the recent budget, including tax incentives and small business concessions, both of which are intended to provide stimulus for investment and employment in business. Students had an opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister at the end of the event. He was particularly interested in Cromwell College and indicated that he had attended St John’s College while studying at the University of Sydney.



From Left to Right: Alison McLaughlin, Prime Minister - Tony Abbott, Rebekah Dolan, and Madison Powell



From Left to Right: Prime Minister - Tony Abbott, Deputy Principal - Michael Crome, Charlie Coverdale, Daniel Christopher, and Nikkila Goulding