On Monday night the 9th of September, Cromwell College performed as part of the annual ICC One Act Play. This year’s piece “Helping Hand” was written by current 2nd year students Ethan Forge and Megan Callaghan. It was a comedy/drama using the comedy of well-known fictional/non-fictional relationships to highlight the more serious topic of mental health and well-being. The play did well coming 5th overall. Crommie Ticker was in full force with many students coming along and supporting on competition night.

Lachlan Hopgood - The Narrator
Natalie Ferris - Taylor the Therapist

Finn Newsway - The Beast
Hannah Adsett - Belle
Mia Payne - Ariana Grande
Kade Bryant - Romeo
Laura Johnston - Juliet
Oscar Crisp - Joseph
Tiana Sheehy - Mary
Lily Kenway - Rose
Dominic Graves - Jack
Joey McDonnell - Donald Trump
April Heasley - Hilary Clinton

…plus a wonderful cast of extras!