Matthew Wilkie speaks at Academic Breakfast

On Friday 9 October students studying Human Movement/Nutrition were provided with the opportunity to have breakfast with Mr Matthew Wilkie. Matthew is currently the Team Manager for The Queensland Reds Rugby Union team but has had a wealth of experience in teaching, coaching and the development of courses at schools and for Queensland Rugby Union. Being an Old Cromwellian (2000-2002) Matthew was able to speak of his experiences at Cromwell and provide the students with valuable advice regarding their programs as well as how to stand out when looking for jobs in the future. He noted that it was particularly important for students to develop networks while at College and to add experiences and additional qualifications, such as coaching credentials, to their curriculum vitae to assist them in standing out when applying for jobs.  Matthew was a keen sportsman during his time at Cromwell, winning sportsman of the year twice, and always had an interest in teaching. He began his career in this area but found that his course has provided him, and others who did the course with him, many varied career opportunities.

1st Year human movements students pictured with
Matthew Wilkie (Cromwell 2000-2002)