Cultural Review Semester 1 2015

By Chris 'Shutterbug' Anderson - Cultural Executive and Residential Assistant

What a time to be alive. The Cultural scene at Cromwell this year has been trending rather nicely. The first semester has been huge and a rather hectic one. The level of cultural talent at Cromwell this year has been astronomical, we have seen many people from different backgrounds and abilities join together to really put Cromwell on the map. Each semester, there are a series of Cultural activities that take place in the Inter-College Council Competition (ICC). The Cultural competition has been fierce and also a lot of fun. All the students that have participated culturally this semester have enjoyed themselves and made sure they had fun along the way.

The first event of the year to kick off the ICC Cultural competition is College Idol and it is held annually at the Red Room. It started one night early in the semester where the college was on the hunt for the next biggest star. Each year Cromwell host its own event called Crommy Idol as pre-lead up to the ICC College Idol. This year we invited back old boys and girls to help judge the competition and throw a little sass around the room to make the evening a little more entertaining.  We had a great line up of Cromwell singers and great turn out from the College. This year we had a songbird in our midsts who went on to represent Cromwell at the Reddo. Bronte Holding covered the Dolly Parton original Jolene. She ended up wooing the judges with her fantastic vocals and guitar work and ended up bringing home the trophy for Cromwell. This was a huge achievement for Cromwell. 

Bronte Holding performing at Cromwell Idol     

The next cultural activity that took place this year was Debating held every Monday night for a period of a month. There was great level of competition from all the colleges as a whole. Cromwell came 10th overall but the debaters representing the college put in a great effort and showed a lot of Crommy Ticker. Chess was also held every Monday at the same time as debating. This was a little different to how it was run in previous years. The Chess team for Cromwell did rather well and placed 8th overall in the competition. Cromwell hosted two rounds of chess and held them on the Deck. It created a great atmosphere for supporters to watch and cheer on their fellow Cromwellians.   

One of the biggest events on the Cultural Calendar is Bandfest which is traditionally held at International House. This year saw a large downpour of rain which forced the event to be moved to the Red Room at UQ Union Complex. The band for Cromwell called The Who?was the largest compared to other colleges. The students in the band put in hours of work to have the songs up to scratch and ready to go. Cromwell placed 9th in overall competition however the quality and sound the band made was superb. The songs the band played in there set were; Shake it Outby Florence and the Machine, Sky full of Starsby Coldplay, Wake Me Upby Avicii and an original by Bronte Holding called Boy.  After The Who?had finished their set they were able to mix and mingle with other supporters and residents from other colleges. The night ran rather well despite the change of location from International House and all those who participated had fun.   

Held at St Leos College, the Art Show is one of the events where people with secret hidden talent come to shine. The Art Show is a great social event where you can mix and mingle with other college students and have a glass of wine or beer whilst perusing the art work. Cromwell successfully filled each category with a piece of work. The categories that were judged were; Drawing, Painting, 3D, Photography and Multimedia. Samantha Cridland a second year at Cromwell placed first in her division of drawing with a sketch of her Grandfather. She also placed first in the same category last year. Morgaine Auton another second year also placed in the top three for both the drawing and painting divisions. Cromwell tied in a overall 4th position with Grace College. There was also a speed painting challenge. This challenge isn't added to the overall point tally, but was just for entertainment. This part saw Morgaine Auton paint a portrait of a woman in five minutes. It was incredible. This also showed the other college participants using anything and everything to create their masterpieces in five minutes.


Cromwell's Choir performing at ICC Choralfest, conducted by Josh Sheehy 

The last event for the Semester was the annual Choralfest Competition. Choralfest is where a UQ college will get a group of people together to sing in a choir. This year, Cromwell performed the best they have in a few years. The convenors for Choralfest Jemimah Thompson, Joshua Sheehy and Ben Goulter, all worked really hard to make sure the choir sounded amazing. The students participating in Choralfest put in a lot of hours and dedication. The pieces Cromwell performed were Somebody To Loveby Queen, The Groundby Ola Gjeilo and Proud Mary. Cromwell placed an 6th overall tying with Duchesne College. The level of cultural completion from the other colleges this year was literally out of this world. Choralfest for 2015 was a great success and highlighted the talent Cromwell has to offer. 

One of Cromwells finest events on the Social calendar is the annual Boat Cruise. This year the Student Association Executive decided it was time to change up the old Boat Cruise and change it to something a little more hipand fresh. The event itself was hosted on the Deck at Cromwell and the lawn between Hancock and Dowling. It had a range of cultural activities ranging from live bands, croquet, badminton, Giant Jenga and a Photo Booth. We decided to shake things up this year as the boat had lost its appeal over the last few years. The deck was transformed into a nautical haven where guests could mingle and have a few classy cocktails. The night was received positively by the residents at the College and some even said it has been one of the best events this year. 

Culturally Cromwell has done very well this semester. Next semesters sees the bigger and busier part of the year with Dancefest, One Act Play and the Cultural Dinner. Overall I have been very pleased with support from the college for all the Cultural Events this semester so far. 

Samantha Cridland's portrait of her Grandfather that won 1st prize at the ICC Art Show