Zambia Service Program assisted by UQ Advantage Grant

Preparations are almost complete for the second group of Cromwell students to travel across to the "Village of Hope" near Mongu, in the Western Provence of Zambia at the end of this semester.  Students will use their pastoral, academic and practical skills to affect tangible and meaningful change in one of the most isolated and impoverished places on Earth.  The tyranny of distance, lifelong benefit and personal growth and development for students is inestimable.  The engagement and contribution that the students will make to the life and livelihood of those with whom they will work in Mongu will equally be considerable.  Cromwell is very proud of the students who have committed to embark upon this confronting and important challenge with Ross and Jenny Switzer. The students have been greatly assisted with the costs of their challenge through a grant of $1000 each towards their travel costs through the UQ Advantage Grant Program. We all wish Melissa Morshead, Kayla Grills, Taisha Paterson-Burr, Daniel Christopher, and Ross and Jenny all the best for their work in western Zambia this July.