Cromwell Sponsors Red Frogs Gala Dinner

Red Frogs ( is a brilliant organisation that empowers young people in university residential colleges (and schools) to champion positive cultural change. Cromwell is a sponsor and regular donor to Red Frogs, who provide a proactive presence at Cromwell social events both on and off campus. Cromwell hosts and funds an “all ages alcohol free event” on our deck each year open to the students of all ten UQ Colleges. Each year, Cromwell hosts a table at the Red Frogs Gala Dinner to provide financial support, and to expose our students across the year levels at Cromwell to the history and huge scope of work of Red Frogs. Red Frogs CEO Andy Gourley is a regular visitor to Cromwell, and he snapped a selfie with the Cromwell crew (Maddy Parise, James Boyce, Cassia Gulley, Ethan Forge, Steven Laing, Carli O’Shea, Cullam Wiseman, Emma Butler, Jenny and Ross Switzer) at this week’s Gala Dinner!  

Ross Switzer