“Beer, Pizza and the Meaning of Life”

A highlight of the voluntary spiritual activities at Cromwell so far this semester was the intercollege Easter event hosted on the Cromwell deck on the 22nd of March. Cromwellians and students from a number of other colleges gathered for ‘Pancakes, Chocolate & The Meaning of Easter’, a chance to discuss the reason we celebrate Easter every year, hear from students about what Easter means to them, and top it all off with, unsurprisingly, an abundance of chocolate (and pancakes).

Another Cromwell College favourite is the discussion groups, otherwise known as ‘Beer, Pizza & the Meaning of Life’ that have so far been held in six corridors this semester. These provide a forum for people in the corridors to voluntarily come together to chat about some of the deeper questions of life and look at where we might turn to for answers. They are a great place for students to start engaging in conversation that might not normally feature at the breakfast table, and get to know one another at a deeper level.

In addition to these activities, every week a number of Cromwell students voluntarily meet in groups to study the Bible together, go to church together, and join with students from other colleges to pray. It has been wonderful to see this community growing together in faith over the course of the year so far.