Appointment of Student Counsellor at Cromwell College

To the Cromwell Community

I am very pleased to be able to announce the appointment of Dr Vicky Dawes as Student Counsellor at Cromwell College, effective from 12 October 2017.

Vicky will join us part time, adding to her role as Project Manager of UQ Mental Health Strategy / Student Counsellor within the UQ Student Services Directorate. Vicky graduated from the University of Birmingham and worked for ten years in Medicine, prior to training in Counselling in the highly regarded Master of Counselling program at UQ. She concurrently works as a UQ Counsellor and in her private practice, and is the author of numerous publications and conference presentations.

Vicky’s interests include long distance running, both trail and road, racing distances from 5km to 50+km. She enjoys a daily meditation practice and spending time with her husband and two girls. She has travelled extensively, highlights including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, walking to Everest Base Camp, kayaking around Tonga, and hiking throughout southern Africa.

The role of Counsellor is to serve Cromwell students who seek pastoral support beyond what can be offered by the current structures within the College. It is not envisaged that the role would cut across existing structures. For example, a sensitive and confidential pastoral issue might be best discussed with the Counsellor, but issues with course, subject selection or general pastoral concerns would be handled through the normal, existing College structures.

Vicki is available by appointment only. It is envisaged that students in pastoral need would be able to book two to three appointments (free of charge and paid for by Cromwell) with Vicky. If further professional support was sought, then the student would be referred by Vicky to an external professional for ongoing support at their own expense. The average number of consultations per student at UQ Counselling is 2.3 and both Cromwell and Vicky feel that this is a reasonable number to offer Cromwell students free of charge.  Vicky’s appointment is a big investment by Cromwell, but very worthwhile and valuable to provide the best that we can for our students.                             

Vicky’s appointment is for two evenings per week at this stage, which fits with her schedule. There will be a review at the end of this year so that Vicky and Cromwell can plan appropriately for 2018 to best suit our students. Please see the attachment in which Vicky introduces herself, along with details how, when and where to see her. All appointments with Vicky are made directly with her and not through Cromwell. Although my office space will be used by Vicky for her evening appointments, I will not be around the office at those times.

This College has been seeking a Counsellor of the standing of Dr Vicky Dawes for many months now, and I am so pleased to introduce her to you.

On behalf of the whole College I would like to sincerely thank Michael Crome who has worked tirelessly to source and secure Vicky’s appointment for the students here at Cromwell. Thank you Michael.

Kind regards


Meet your new counsellor

Hello! My name is Vicky and I am the new counsellor for Cromwell College.

I offer one on one sessions where you can feel safe to talk freely and openly, without fear of judgement, about the things that are concerning you. I can help you navigate a path through the difficulties that can show up in life and uni.

Counselling is free to the student (paid for by Cromwell), confidential and independent from the college and university. However, there are certain circumstances where confidentiality is limited. For example, where there are risks to your safety or the safety of others. I am happy to answer any further questions regarding confidentiality via email or in session. 

I am available every week during semester at the following times: 

6.30pm and 7.30pm Monday

5.30pm and 6.30pm Thursday

Location: Principal’s Office (Cromwell College)  

Please wait for your appointment in the reception seating area.

To book in, email me directly at with your preferred date and time, subject to availability.

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason, please let me know by email as soon as possible. 


If you need to speak to someone immediately, Lifeline is available 24 hours a day on 13 11 14.