ANZAC Day Formal Dinner

On Tuesday 24th April the College held a formal dinner to celebrate, and reflect on, the importance of ANZAC Day.

Mr Ben Cox was our guest speaker. Ben is the Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Manager at Legacy and attended the University of Queensland from 1998 - 2001 where he completed a Bachelor of Arts, Communication and English degree. The theme of Ben’s talk was on the importance on keeping the ANZAC spirit alive which he did by speaking about four individual stories reflecting the impact of war had on individuals. His message was also a very personal one. Ben’s father served in Vietnam as a conscript in the 1968 and 1969 transport platoon but later died of cancer as a result of his time in the service. Not long after Ben’s mum started drinking and smoking as her way of dealing with the grief resulting in her tragically dying two years later and leaving Ben as an orphan.

Ben indicated how lucky he was to be assisted at this point in his life by Allen, who was a legatee at Legacy. Allen acted as a much-¬needed father figure during his adolescence.
“He was the guy who came in and did the simple things,” he said.
“He bought me shaving cream and a razor and I shared these experiences you are meant to share with your father, with a complete stranger.”

His own experience with Legacy was what inspired him to pursue what he is currently doing as an occupation.

At the commencement of the evening Dominic Purcell played a wonderful rendition of “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by Eric Bogle, on the piano, and at the end of the evening Sam Luck played the Last Post on the trumpet.
Thank you to the kitchen staff for putting on a delicious themed dinner and to Ms Tania Dempsey for supplying some home-made poppy decorations for tables.