2010 Student Leaders Dinner

Saturday 11 March saw some of the students leaders from 2010 return to Cromwell for a home cooked meal with Ross and Jenny Switzer.  It was great night reminiscing about Cromwell life and hearing of the changes that have occurred at the College in recent years. This group holds very dear Cromwell coming 2nd in Dancefest in their year, and the circa $80,000 surplus they left in the Students’ Association Account when they departed. These leaders were in their respective roles when the Principalship of Cromwell changed from Hugh Begbie to Ross midway through 2010, and they were instrumental in ensuring a smooth changeover. It was great to hear how successful each of them have been in their fields thus far, and we look forward to following them into the future with interest. A great night was had by all!


Bottom: Anna Durance (RA Top Thatcher), Fleur Hopkins (RA Top Dowling), Mitch Harwood (RA Bottom Cock/Cultural Convener)

Back: Jenny Switzer, Ross Switzer, Sophie Kurtz (Female Sports Convener), Joanne Landmark (President), Kirk Stubbs (Treasurer), Anne Rigden (RA Top North/Secretary)