Board of Governors

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Board of Governors

The College is governed by an honorary Board of Governors. The Board is the legal entity that constitutes the College and it is responsible for monitoring the College and assuring that it carries out its constitutional responsibilities such as setting policy, appointing the Principal, and approving the budget and major expenditure. Governors are either elected by the Synod of the Uniting Church, elected by the Board, elected by graduates of the College, elected by the Cromwell College Students' Association or elected by the Senate of the University. Life Governors maintain a continuing interest in the College.

Visitor Uniting Church QLD Moderator Rev David Baker
Chairman UC Synod Elected Dr Joe Goodall
Deputy Chair Board Elected Dr Janet Porter
Treasurer UQ Senate Rep Mr Andrew Betts
Secretary UC Synod Elected Mr Ben de Jong
UC Synod Elected Rev Peter Lockhart
  UC Synod Elected  Ms Dayrelle Abbey
  UC Synod Elected Ms Judy Young 

Board Elected Mr Richard Shannon
Board Elected Dr Stuart Bade
Board Elected Hon Justice John Logan RFD

Board Elected Mr Eric McChesney-Clark
Past Students Elected Mr Daniel Baum
  Past Students Elected  Ms Joanne Landmark 
  Elected Students' Association  Ms Laura Brown
Ex officio Principal / CEO Mr Ross Switzer
Ex officio Students' Association President Mr Troy Stark

Cromwell Staff Team

Senior Management

Mr Ross Switzer Principal / CEO
Mr Michael Crome Deputy Principal 
Mr Jason March Business Manager

Student Advisors

Mr Dominic Retschlag

Middle Management

Mr Matthew Thurecht Executive Chef
Mr Neil Yarrow Maintenance Manager


Ms Robyn Slater Registrar
Ms Tania Dempsey Reception / Community Relations
Mrs Heather Ebertson Assistant Business Manager


Mr David Forgan Head Chef
Mr Nathan Berrill Head Chef
Ms Cecelia Fairbank Catering Attendant (Part Time)
Mr Scott Harland Catering Attendant


Eaton Services Group

Maintenance and Grounds

Grass Cutters & Mowing Property Maintenance   



Student Leadership Team (Appointed by Principal)      

Resident Assistants

Craig Land Bottom Begbie
Bronte Holding Top Thatcher
Hannah Gunn Mid Han
Phoebee New Top Han
Jared Fowler Mid Dowling
Corey Cheung Bottom Han
Verity Taylor Mid Begbie
Jannikka Balko Top Dowling
Taisha Paterson-Burr Top Begbie
Troy Stark Bottom Cock
Chelsea Wood Top Cock
Andrew Douw Bottom Dowling
Zane Jhetam Lockley / House
Daniel Hoole Bottom North
Hayden Wen Bottom Thatcher
Amy Price Top North
Caitlin Finegan Mid Cock


Senior Academic Tutor Jaryu Shaw
O Week Coordinator Brodie Johnson
Events Without Alcohol
Spiritual Enquiry Daniel Hoole

Academic Mentors

Jessica Griffiths                                 Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty
Laura Brown & Carla Newlands Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT)
Jannikka Balko                              Health and Behavioural Sciences (HBS)
Dominic Retschlag & Conrad Zewe  Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)
Roxane Mutschler & Reece Reed           Medical and Biomedical Sciences / Science (MBSS)

Information Technology Advisors            

  Mark Fisher
  Hayden Wen 

Student Leadership Team (Elected by Students)

Students’ Association Executive

President Troy Stark
Vice President Molly Farmiloe
Secretary Jared Fowler
Treasurer Corey Cheung
Female Sports Convener Chelsea Wood
Male Sports Convener Joshua Moy
Cultural Convener Hannah Gunn
Media Rep / The Lion Amy Price
Social Conveners Conrad Zewe

Eliza Parry-Okeden

Ellie Price
ICC Representative Phoebee New
Board of Governors Rep Laura Brown
O Week Coordinator Brodie Johnson
O Week Committee Luke Vaughan
  Chris Nilsson
  Anthony Hansen
  Paige Bedford
  Grace Vogler 
  Roxane Mutschler
Shop Boys Dylan Rudorfer

Parker Hayes
  Chris Nilsson
  Justin Di Bella