The Portugal Wire

Olá from Portugal!   I’m a former Cromwellian (2003-2005) and since leaving the college halls I’ve gone on to live what many would call ‘the dream’ as a travel writer and photographer in Europe. While the job is far less glamorous than it looks and reliably pays more in experience than money, I really can’t complain.

After chipping away at a writing career in parallel to a corporate job, I took the plunge earlier this year to move abroad and write and photograph full time. While many Australians make tracks for the motherland, I took the unconventional route and decided to go further south. If I pocketed a dollar every time I was asked why I chose to live in Portugal I’d have retired to the Algarve by now, but, long story short, it’s a beautiful country with ridiculously friendly people and Australians can now conveniently get a visa to live here for 12 months.

Realising most Australians know next to nada about Portugal (and vice versa, as I’ve discovered), I thought I’d take the opportunity to build an educational bridge between our respective sides of the world with my blog The Portugal Wire Here you can find everything you wanted to know, and everything you didn’t know you wanted to know, about the country with a history of world domination and a slew of surprising feats on the European and world stage (despite being just 1/83rd the size of Australia). Given my passion for photography you’ll also find galleries of my images taken around the country.
Of course being based in Portugal means easy access to Europe, so I also post about my travels, including my photos, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to follow the adventure.  Feel free to drop me a message sometime too.

Emily 'Pixie' McAuliffe