Gifford Tutorial Room Student Presidents Address

Academic Dinner 2012

This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 21 August 2012. 

The guest speaker was Jon Grayson. Jon came to Cromwell as a student in 1978.   Jon was appointed Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in March 2012 bringing substantial experience in infrastructure development and investment management, as well as the Queensland Treasury reforms of the 1980s.

This year, Cromwell students studied a number of different degrees in various faculties at UQ, QUT and Griffith University.  The breakdown of students in each Faculty is Arts 32, Business/Economics/Law 44, Engineering/Architecture/IT 67, Health Sciences 36, Science 39, Social & Behavioural Sciences 26. 

In addition there were 4 students from Dickinson College (Pennsylvania), who joined us for a semester exchange. 

Cromwell had a Cumulative GPA of 5.05 in Semester 1, 2012 and a Cumulative GPA of 5.06 in Semester 2.  In first Semester there were 107 students who received a grade of 7 for an individual course, and 27 of these students received a grade of 7 for more than one subject. 

Three students received grades of 7 for every course they studied.  There were 25 Cromwell first year students who received at least one grade of 7.  The students who received straight 7’s were:-

Mitchell King 1st Year Science GPA 7
Thomas Shannon 1st Year Medicine, Surgery & Science GPA 7
Roy McCutchan 1st Year Mathematics GPA 7

High Academic Achievement

(GPA 6.0 – 6.49)

Miss Brittany Bartlett  Miss Kathrin Bischof
B Commerce/B Economics 02 6.00 B Commerce/B Science 03 6.25
Miss Celeste Bloomfield Miss Kate Brazier
B Pharmacy 02 6.38 B Food Technology 01 6.25
Mr Hugo Brimblecombe Miss Chloe Dinnison
B Arts 02 6.25 B Education (Primary) 01 6.00
Mr Colin Finke Ms Shae Frawley
B Commerce/B Laws 03 6.00

B Medicine, Surgery & Science

02 6.25
Mr Rick Graham Mr Sam Grimes
B Science 01 6.25 B Engineering/B Arts 02 6.00
Mr Jack Haines  Mr Matthew Halvorson
B Engineering  01 6.00 Study Abroad 01 6.00
Miss Annabelle Harbison  Miss Josephine Harvey
B Biomedical Science 01 6.00 B Journalism/B Laws 01 6.25
Miss Kelly Kirkland Miss Alix Lee
B Psychological Science 01 6.00 B Journalism/B Arts 02 6.00
Mr Cameron Middleton Ms Alyssa Miskin
B Communication 02 6.00 B Creative Arts 03 6.00
Mr Carl Nimo Mr Thomas Pegoraro
B Psychological Science 01 6.00 B Bus Man/B Inf Tech 02 6.25
Mr John Philip Miss Kirsty Rankin
B Commerce/B Laws 02 6.25 B Arts  01 6.25
Mr Dominic Retschlag Miss Casey Scott
B Music/B Arts 02 6.00 B Exer & Nutri Sc 01 6.00
Miss Kate Swift Mr Mark Thompson
B Medicine, Surgery & Science 01 6.00 B Engineering 02 6.25
Ms Cilna Van Wijk Miss Helen Ward
B Engineering/B Arts 01 6.00 B Communication/Arts 01 6.25

Academic Excellence

(GPA 6.5 – 7)

Mr Edward Brazier  Mr Lewis Chambers
B Engineering  02 6.75 B Science 02 6.67
Miss Rochelle Chin Mr Vladyslav Dobroskok
B Pharmacy 02 6.63 B Science 01 6.75
Mr Matthew Ennever Mr Thomas Ennever
B Engineering 03 6.75 B Arts 02 6.75
Mr Benjamin Healey Mr Mitchell King
B Creative Arts 02 6.50 B Science 01 7.00
Mr Roy McCutchan Mr Robert Michalak
B Mathematics 01 7.00 B Engineering 03 6.75
Mr Henry North Miss Rosanna O’Neill
B Science/B Journalism 01 6.50 B Pharmacy 01 6.50
Mr Thomas Shannon Mr Brodan Tanner
B Medicine, Surgery & Science 01 7.00 B Commerce 01 6.50
Miss Jana Van Wij Miss Alexandra Whiteford
B Architectural Design 02 6.50 B Arts 01 6.50
Mr Kieran Wood  
B Engineering/B Science 03 6.75      

Cromwell College Prizes

Uniting Church Investment Service Award First year student(s) with highest GPA result in Semester 1, 2012

Mr Andrew King B Science 01

Mr Thomas Shannon B Medicine, Surgery & Science 01

Mr Roy McCutchan B Mathematics 01

Edwin Hobart Lockley Prize Consistent distinguished results in Faculty of Arts

Mr Thomas Ennever B Arts 02

Rod McElhinney Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Science

Mr Lewis Chambers B Science 02

VE Hancock Award Most distinctions in Business, Economics, Law

Miss Heidi Hunter B Commerce/B Arts 03

College Governors Prize Distinguished results in Faculty of Health Sciences

Miss Rochelle Chin B Pharmacy 02

Cromwell College Prize Highest GPA over three semesters in Faculty of Social & Behavioral Science

Miss Alix Lee B Journalism/B Arts 02

Old Collegians Prize Academic distinction over three semesters in Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & IT

Mr Edward Brazier B Engineering 02

Mr Matthew Ennever B Engineering 03

Yvonne Rogers Memorial Prize Second year student achieving the greatest improvement in rank

Mr Luke French B Science 01

Cromwell College Foundation Scholarship Exceptional performance over five semesters in any field

Mr Matthew Ennever B Engineering 03

Miss Heidi Hunter B Commerce 03

Mr Kieran Wood B Engineering 03

Senior Tutors Award Outstanding contribution to the Academic Tutorial Program

Mr Lewis Chambers B Science 02

Cromwell Students’ Association Prize Outstanding Academic Achievement and Contribution to College Life

Mr Mark Thompson B Engineering 02

D.C. Gale Shield

Middle Han 5.42 1st

Top Dowling 5.38 2nd

Top North 5.36 3rd