Leadership Seminar

Student Leadership

Leadership at Cromwell College takes the form of “servant leadership.” Formal leadership roles at the College should not be rewards given to people for popularity, but rather they should be a matching of people to responsibilities for the service of others. Although there are several types of formal leadership positions (elected and appointed) at Cromwell, a badge of office or title does not make you a good leader any more than standing at a garage makes you a good mechanic. Leadership comes from the heart and as such, all Cromwellians are leaders and have the potential to influence others in many ways.

Student leadership is formally recognized through six main areas. These are the Academic Mentoring and Tutorial Program, Resident Assistants (RA’s), Student Executive, Orientation Week Organizing Committee, Information Technology Advisor, and Events without Alcohol Coordinators.

The Senior Tutor and their Tutors provide strong academic leadership throughout the College.

The Resident Assistants are appointed by application to the Principal and are the first line pastoral carers and academic supporters in the corridors. Resident Assistants are generally third year (and above) students and there is one per corridor. They meet weekly with the Principal and Deputy Principal, and weekly with their corridor. Resident Assistants receive remuneration from the College in return for their work. Being a resident assistant is therefore viewed as a job and as such requires significant commitment both in terms of enthusiasm, ability and time.

The Student Executive is elected by the student body at the Annual General Meeting of the Cromwell College Students’ Association. All office holders are third year (or above) students with the exception of the Shop Boys who are second year students. The Student Executive runs the student activities side of College life in collaboration with the Deputy Principal. This includes fundraising, sport, cultural and social activities, competitions and events. The Student Executive has also been granted two ex-officio positions on the Board of Governors; one of whom is the College President, and the other the elected student Board of Governors’ Representative. All students within the College are members of the Cromwell College Students’ Association and pay annual fees to this Association. Cromwell College acts as an agent for this Association by collecting fees on the Association’s behalf.

The Orientation Week Organizing Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Cromwell College Students’ Association. In addition, the Principal appoints one person to jointly lead this Committee. The Committee is generally comprised of second year students, and it works with the Deputy Principal to plan and then implement the Orientation Week program for the following year.

The Academic Mentors are faculty based, and are students who are exemplars in their fields.  They are points of contact for students seeking advice regarding their studies.

The Information Technology Advisors are students with very high level skills who can be accessed quickly to assist their peers with IT issues that may arise.

The Events without Alcohol Coordinators are appointed by the Principal to work closely with the Resident Assistants and the Student Executive to plan and implement social activities at the College and off campus for students who have minimal interest in social activities involving alcohol.