Girls Netball Rugby 1st XV

Sporting Opportunities

Cromwell competes with the other UQ residential Colleges in various Inter College Council (ICC) and non ICC sporting events throughout the year. There are also selected sports involving the St Lucia campus with UQ Gatton campus.

The sports offered across the ICC and College social programs vary from year to year to allow variety without overcrowding the calendar for students.  In 2020 the following sports are offered:

Men's Competition: AFL, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Football, Water Polo.

Women's Competition: AFL, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Cross Country, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball, Water Polo.

The Cromwell philosophy is for the goal of winning to never override the goals of participation and enjoyment.

There are also other competitions such as the prestigious Great Court Race run through the impressive sandstone cloisters of the University of Queensland’s Great Court. Cromwell has won this event on numerous occasions. The most recent victory was in 2018 when Cromwell student Ben Gibson (formerly from The Southport School) crossed the line first in a very close finish!

Given its size as the smallest coeducational college on campus, Cromwell consistently punches above its weight alongside the other colleges. This is due to an incredibly high desire from within Cromwell students to participate, a fierce College pride and spirit, and consistently high numbers of supporters at games.

Cromwell College sport provides opportunities for players of all levels of skill and experience.

Cromwell recognises the sporting participation of its students at its annual Sports Dinner. Awards are presented importantly for participation as well as for results.  A well-known sportsperson (often at international level) speaks at this dinner each year as sporting inspiration for the students.

In addition, our own Dean of Students (Ms Krishna Stanton) is a former Olympian.  Krishna won the Silver Medal for Australia in the Marathon in the Commonwealth Games (Manchester 2004). Krishna, although very humble and modest, is always up for a chat about pushing your sporting boundaries and associated lessons in life.  She's also always keen to take groups of students for morning runs!

Cromwell College has negotiated an agreement with University of Queensland Sport under which Cromwell students have a “lifestyle passport” included in their Cromwell College fees. This agreement provides for Cromwell students to have access to the Fitness Centre and to the new Aquatic Centre free of charge. There are also a selected number of specialist classes at UQ Sport to which Cromwell students can have complementary access with the program.

Currently this Cromwell / UQ Sport Agreement entitles all Cromwell students to:  

  • Unlimited access to Gym/Cardio
  • A one hour fitness consultation
  • All group fitness classes
  • All day Aquatic Centre access
  • Unlimited aquatics equipment hire
  • Adult swim squads
  • Tennis Court hire between 7am – 5pm and 9pm – 11pm on weekdays and 7am – 2pm on Sundays
  • Access to train on our Olympic-standard athletics track all day every day subject to availability

Sport plays an important part in College life and there are many opportunities. These provide good opportunities for keeping fit, finding a break from academic work, and enjoying each other’s company.