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Spiritual Enquiry

Cromwell College exists only because of the initiative and commitment of a group of Christians in the late 1940’s. The College Mission Statement and Values Statement both strongly reflect the motivation and desire of Cromwell’s founders.

Although the College accepts and respects students from different Faith backgrounds or without any Faith commitment, agreement by all students to respect and live by the mission and values statements of Cromwell College is a condition of enrolment.

Encouragement is given for each student to grow spiritually. For those who wish to actively explore their Faith, discussion groups, Bible studies and Prayer groups are held regularly, led generally by students. These are informal and designed to be comfortable, even for those who may wish to explore the Christian Faith with their peers in a pastoral environment for the first time. 

The College appoints "Spiritual Enquiry Representatives" from within its student cohort to assist interested students in finding out more about the spiritual opportunities at Cromwell, and more broadly in the local community. 

The College is proud of the Griffith Chapel. This air conditioned sanctuary with its magnificent stained glass windows and ornate pipe organ is situated at Cromwell’s highest point. The Griffith Chapel is available for multiple uses. Musicians practice there due to the great acoustics, and it is the venue for numerous talks and debates. The Griffith Chapel provides a peaceful retreat for students to sit quietly, think, meditate or pray.