Formal Dinner Setting Opening Ceremony

Reunions & Events

The College actively tries to reconnect with its Alumni through the Cromwell Old Collegians’ Association (more affectionately known as COCA). One of COCA’s main aims is to support the life long fellowships that are formed at the College, by providing mentoring and professional networking opportunities for past and present Cromwellians alike.

For more information on and to RSVP to the events below, you can:
Call 07 3377 1300, email or contact us via Facebook

Formal Dinners

The tradition of a regular fortnightly Formal Dinner continues at Cromwell College. As a member of COCA, you are invited by Cromwell to once again enjoy one of its many fine traditions.

The evening includes canapés and drinks in the JCR, dinner, a guest speaker, and musical or choral items performed by current students.

With 5-10 places available at each Formal Dinner, get a group of old friends together and enjoy a moment of nostalgia as you walk the halls of Cromwell once again.
To receive more information and/or RSVP - Tel: 07 3377 1300 Email:

Industry Breakfasts & Mentoring

One of the most challenging things that Students go through, is the search for both summer Internships and graduate jobs. 

Cromwell is looking for members of COCA to share some insight into their experiences in their respective industries. If you have something to offer to Cromwell students that are studying in your industry, come and join us for breakfast, where you can field some questions and give some advice.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Michael Crome at or 07 3377 1300