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Non-resident Program

Cromwell College offers up to seventeen places to first year students who wish to be involved with Cromwell but not live at the College. This type of membership of Cromwell often suits Brisbane (or close to Brisbane) based students. A typical example could be day students from boarding schools who join Cromwell as non-resident members when their boarder friends from school with homes away from Brisbane actually live at the college.
Members of the Non-Resident Program would have the future possibility of living at Cromwell depending upon their desire for this as the year progresses, and upon a place becoming available. Generally vacancies for this purpose can occur mid-year or at the end of the year.

College Mentor

Each Non-Resident Program member has a Cromwell Resident Assistant (RA) as their Mentor and they become attached to that RA’s residential corridor within the college. There are seventeen corridors and to ensure small numbers and best practice mentoring, places are available for seventeen non-residents; one per corridor. The non-resident becomes quickly integrated with the students living in that corridor, and in the college as a whole.
The Deputy Principal has responsibility for the co-ordination of the Non-Resident Program.  The Non-Resident Program runs during the academic year.

Entitlements for Members

Cromwell College offers the following to Non-Resident Members.
  • Attend 2 College meals per week (approximately 74 meals over the academic year)   
  • In addition to the above, attend Formal Dinners and other special Formal occasions throughout the academic year.
  • Tutorials at Cromwell in courses where the student is having difficulty, following normal college procedures.
  • Use of Cromwell’s recreational facilities. For example, Junior Common Room, Computer Room, Multi-Purpose Court, Tutorial Rooms for quiet study, Griffith Chapel.
  • Inclusion in the Cromwell supporters group at ICC sporting and cultural events, but not as competitors as per ICC rules.
  • Involvement in college approved Students’ Association events not involving overnight stays at the college. 
  • Cromwell Non-Resident members are entitled to join the UQ Sport Lifestyle Package for only $220 per year. The regular cost to other non-college University students is much higher. This offer gives Cromwell Non-Resident members access to UQ Sport facilities and activities such as the UQ gym, cardio and weights area, aquatic centre and group exercise classes conducted by UQ sports staff.

Membership Fees and Expectations

To join the Cromwell College Non-Resident Program, there is a payment of $750 per year.  Should you choose to add the UQ Colleges Lifestyle Program this will be an additional $220, making a combined total of $970.  Your Non-Resident Membership covers the full academic year. This represents excellent value for a student to gain many of the benefits of a Cromwell College experience without actually living at the college. 

Successful applicants agree to be bound by the rules and policies of the College, as detailed in the Students’ Handbook and Appendices each year. 


There is no application fee for the Non-Resident Program. Intending applicants should send the following information to Ms Robyn Slater (Registrar) who will then contact you further: r.slater@cromwell.uq.edu.au 
  1. Profile Summary Form and Application Form
  2. Full Resume
  3. A short statement (300 words maximum) on why you would like to be part of the Cromwell Non-Resident Program
  4. One A4 colour 'head and shoulders' photograph and one A4 full length colour photograph taken this year. These are used only to assist with identifying candidates throughout the application process and, for those offered places, for the first few days here until we get to know you better
  5. A written reference from your School Principal (or their delegate) in your Year 12 year. (Can be forwarded later this year if your school cannot provide this at the time of your application)
  6. Your official school reports from the most recent term / semester
  7. Once the above material has been received Robyn will contact you to arrange an interview with the Principal at a mutually convenient time. The Principal will advise you at or soon after your interview of the outcome of your application to the Non-Resident Program