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Non-resident Program

Leaving the confines of High School and entering the University environment requires students to adapt to new academic expectations, and the move from home to a new location presents additional demands that require considerable personal adjustments.

The University of Queensland recognises the value of the College experience for students and in particular for first year students new to tertiary studies.  The University in active collaboration with the residential Colleges has encouraged and endorses the concept of first year non-residential students having some direct access to specific College Programs. 

Cromwell College offers by invitation selective places to first year UQ students to be affiliated with the college to participate in the Cromwell College Associate (Non Resident) Program.

Cromwell College Associate (Non Resident) Program commences from Week 1 of The University of Queensland Academic Year.

Members of the Program would have the possibility of residence upon a place becoming available.

College Mentor

It is important to note that each Associate Member will have a senior Cromwell student as a dedicated College Mentor.

The Dean of Students has responsibility for co-ordination of the Cromwell College Associate (Non Resident) Program.  The Residential Assistants (RA’s) will assume the role of College Mentor and an informal role in the pastoral care of the Associate Members assigned to their corridor. 

This arrangement is designed to facilitate closer personal interaction between resident students and the College Associate Members.


Cromwell College is able to offer the following services to Associate Members.

  • Associate members would be entitled to attend 2 College meals per week at no extra cost. 
  • Associate Members would attend the fortnightly Formal Dinners and other special Formal dinner occasions throughout the Academic Year.
  • College Tutorials in any Cromwell student nominated University Courses would be made available at no additional cost to the Associate Members.
  • All College recreational facilities will be available for use inclusive of, Junior Common room, Computer room, Tennis Court and the Tutorial Room for quiet study, and the College Chapel.
  • Associate Members will be included as part of the Cromwell Supporters group at ICC events.
  • As an added and expanded component of the Colleges Lifestyle Package with UQ Sport, Cromwell Associate members will be entitled to join the “package” at a special price of only $200 [regular cost to other University students is approximately $600]. This special offer is exclusive only to Cromwell College Associate Members and gives access to UQ Sport facilities and activities inclusive of the UQ gym, cardio and weights area,  free entry to the swimming pool on campus, and the opportunity to participate in group exercise classes conducted by UQ sports staff for Cromwell College students.

Membership Fees and Expectations

To join the Cromwell College Associate (Non Resident) Program, there will be a one-off payment of $500.  Should you choose to add the UQ Colleges Lifestyle Program this will be an additional $200 thus a combined total of $700.  Whichever option you select, your Associate Membership covers both Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the University of Queensland Academic Year. 

Successful applicants must agree to be bound by the rules and policies of the College, and to accept the academic, financial and other responsibilities of membership. They must agree to attend tutorials on a regular basis, and attend pastoral care as required. They must give permission for Cromwell College to obtain their subject enrolment details and examination results from the University, and to the University to release them to Cromwell College.