The Opening

Official opening ceremony 1954
The Official Opening Ceremony - Cromwell College
Official Opening of Begbie Building
Official Opening of Begbie Building – 5 June 2011
Cromwell under Construction
Cromwell under Construction
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Cromwell was the first of the Colleges established on the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus and was affiliated with the University of Queensland in its opening year, 1954. The College was established as a men’s college, first receiving men into residence in Thatcher Wing on Sunday 5 June 1954.

Cromwell College completed significant extensions and refurbishments in 1962, 1968 and 2011. It was a “dry” College until 1968, and became coeducational in 1973.

From its opening on 5 June 1954, “its story is largely the story of graduates and undergraduates who have lived and worked and talked and played in it.” (Rev Dr Lindsay Lockley, Foundation Principal)

Behind Cromwell’s sixty year history lies a University College tradition that, in English-speaking countries, goes back to Oxford and Cambridge in the 11th and 12th centuries.  This tradition saw a College as a community of scholars committed to the search for truth in their various disciplines and concerned with the intellectual, personal and professional development essential for persons giving service to society.

Cromwell College was founded to provide suitable residence, study and tutorial facilities and religious guidance for its members.  Although it is church affiliated, Cromwell imposes no religious tests, and membership is open to all applicants otherwise eligible, regardless of religion.

The formulation of Cromwell College policy is the responsibility of the Board of Governors.  The Principal / Chief Executive is responsible to the Board for the implementation of its policies.

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