Dream to Reality

The history of Cromwell College is one of people, rather than the buildings or any other external feature.

Cromwell College was the inspiration of a group of Christian leaders in the Congregational Churches in Queensland.

The initial gift of approximately 40,000 pounds (equivalent to around $2m today) was a milestone in the foundation of the College. Cromwell is forever indebted to Mr V E Hancock and his wife Mary for this gift. Both remained involved in the College, along with other members of the Hancock family, and are remembered with gratitude and affection.

The decision to build Cromwell College was made on the 28 April 1950 and, to use the words of Mary Hancock, the team “rolled up their sleeves and went to work.”  This work included the adoption of a Constitution, the election of the first Board of Governors and the appointment of the Foundation Principal (Rev G Lindsay Lockley).

The Name “Cromwell”

Cromwell was named Cromwell College in honour of Oliver Cromwell, sometime Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

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Cromwell Coat of Arms and Motto

A coat of arms was a badge adopted by warlike families and later by certain corporations. It originated in the shield carried by warriors and was ornamented to distinguish the different bearers.

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Griffith Memorial Chapel Windows

The Cromwell Chapel Windows were given over a period of seven years by Mrs Mary McLean Hancock, O.B.E. as a memorial to her husband, the late V.E. Hancock, C.M.G.

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The Opening

Cromwell was the first of the Colleges established on the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus and was affiliated with the University of Queensland in its opening year, 1954. The College was established as a men’s college, first receiving men into residence in Thatcher Wing on Sunday 5 June 1954.

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Principals of Cromwell College

The College has seen just six Principals in over sixty years.

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Cromwell College Buildings

History of Cromwell College buildings, North, Thatcher, Dowling, Hancock, Steele-Craik Lodge, Lockley, Begbie and Campus Lodge.

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