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Expectations and membership conditions

All residents must sign a ‘Student Accommodation Agreement’ Form before moving into Campus Lodge. This will include the ‘Expectations’ and ‘Conditions of Membership’.


Campus Lodge Management Centre encourages:

  • Respect and tolerance for others.
  • A caring community.
  • Honesty.
  • Care for property and the environment.
  • Mature, thoughtful and responsible behaviour.
  • An environment suitable for study in which every resident feels safe, secure and comfortable.

Campus Lodge Management Centre will not accept:

  • Illegal drug use or drunken behaviour.
  • Harassment, intimidation or bullying.  Everyone has the right to say “no”.
  • Dishonesty or theft.
  • Wilful damage to property.
  • Noisy or thoughtless behaviour. 

Conditions of membership 

  1. Fees 
    A minimum of 6 months fees must be paid in advance, or if staying 12 months then 12 months in advance. Campus Lodge has two accommodation periods both of approximately 6 months duration. A student may enter Campus Lodge only after signing a Student Accommodation Agreement.
  2. Campus Lodge consists of the buildings, fittings, fixtures and grounds
    Situated at the corner of Hood and Rock Streets, St Lucia.
  3. Damage to lawns, etc
    A resident shall not:
    • Damage any lawn, garden, tree, shrub, plant or flower being part of, or situated upon, common property.
    • Except with the consent in writing of the Campus Lodge Management Centre, use for their own purpose as a garden any portion of Campus Lodge.
    • Throw or drop waste or rubbish over the balconies.
  4. Damage to Campus Lodge
    A resident shall not mark, paint, drive nails or screws or the like into, or otherwise damage or deface, any structure that forms part of Campus Lodge except with the consent in writing of the Campus Lodge Management Centre. Repair of damage must be paid for by students before leaving Campus Lodge.
  5. Noise
    A resident shall not create any noise likely to interfere with the study environment or enjoyment of any other resident, near neighbours, or any other person lawfully using the common property.
  6. Lawful Use
    A resident shall not unreasonably obstruct the lawful use of Campus Lodge by any person.
  7. Behaviour of Guests
    A resident shall take reasonable steps to ensure that their guests do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the other residents, near neighbours or any other person lawfully using Campus Lodge.
  8. Depositing Rubbish, etc 
    A resident shall not deposit on, or throw at Campus Lodge, any rubbish, dirt, dust or other material likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the other residents or of any person lawfully using it.
  9. Appearance of the Building
    A resident shall not hang any washing, towel, bedding, clothing or other article or display any sign, advertisement, placard, banner, pamphlet or like matter on any part of his/her unit in such a way as to be visible from outside the building. Laundry may not be placed on balconies except on the supplied, wall-mounted, drier.
  10. Storage of Flammable Liquids etc
    A resident shall not, except with the permission of the Campus Lodge Management Centre, use or store in his/her unit, or anywhere else in Campus Lodge, any flammable chemical, liquid or gas or other flammable material, other than chemicals, liquids, gases or other material used or intended to be used solely for domestic purposes.
  11. Garbage Disposal.  A resident shall:
    • Ensure that all garbage be disposed of in the receptacles provided.  These are to be emptied at least weekly into Brisbane City Council wheelie bins situated outside the laundry area. (These council bins are emptied weekly on a Tuesday.)
    • Comply with all local authority by-laws and ordinances relating to the disposal of garbage.
    • Ensure that the health, hygiene and comfort of any other resident is not adversely affected by his/her disposal of garbage.
    • Ensure that no garbage is placed in stairwells.
  12. Keeping of Animals
    A resident shall not keep any animal in his/her unit or elsewhere in Campus Lodge.
  13. Residential Period
    A resident has full right to the room and unit for the period paid for. If they decide to leave early, the Campus Lodge Management Centre has the right to retain all fees. However, this right will be waived only if the departing student can find a replacement, acceptable to the Principal of Cromwell College, for the vacated space in Campus Lodge, who is willing to take over the remainder of the lease on the same terms as the original resident. When a lease is amended, a $300 administration fee will apply.
  14. Termination
    The Principal of Cromwell College, for the Campus Lodge Management, has the sole right to terminate the residential right of any resident for unacceptable behaviour. In the case of termination, fees are not refunded. If the resident claims an injustice has been done, an appeal may be lodged to the Secretary of the Board of Governors of Cromwell College. Such appeal, stating the grounds in detail, must be in writing and lodged with the Secretary of the Board within fourteen days of the termination. The resident may be supported at any appearances before the Board by another resident of Campus Lodge or by any other person acceptable to the Board.
  15. Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted in any form in any part of Campus Lodge. It is definitely prohibited in rooms, balconies and common areas. Smoke detectors are installed for the safety of all residents and visitors.
  16. Bicycles
    Bicycles may not be housed in residents’ rooms or in common areas.  Bicycles must be stored in the secure bicycle area located at Cromwell College.