Information Technology at Cromwell

Cromwell College is a foundation member of the Colleges Information Technology Group (CITG). This is a not-for-profit group which 7 of the 10 UQ colleges choose to belong to. Its sole intent is to provide the best quality IT services to these 7 member colleges at an affordable cost. As a not-for-profit entity, any funds raised by CITG are used only in the maintenance and improvement of IT facilities of the 7 member colleges. 

CITG Services to Cromwell Students:
CITG offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of Cromwell College and its students. A number of these services are unique to the CITG colleges. 

Internet Access for Cromwell Students:
  • Network: 
    • All students at Cromwell College connect to the internet via the University of Queensland’s internet connection (160Gb link)
    • All Cromwell College rooms have a 1Gb network cable connection.
    • All Cromwell College rooms have WIFI coverage running high speed, 1Gb wireless.
    • All Cromwell College buildings / blocks have a 10Gb link to the colleges’ core which in turn has a 10Gb uplink to UQ.
  • Speed:
    • Typical Internet speed through the Cromwell WIFI network is 250Mb download (3 x faster than typical NBN Fibre)
    • Typical Internet Speed through the Cromwell wired (Ethernet) network is 420Mb (>5 x faster than typical NBN Fibre)
  • Quota:
    • All Cromwell College UQ Students receive:
      • Free and unlimited access to all UQ sites
      • Free and unlimited access to all university sites in Australia
      • Free and unlimited access to all Government web sites
      • 50 Gb per month of download quota for recreational Internet access unlimited upload
      • Additional download quota can be purchased via UQ
    • All Cromwell College Non-UQ Students (we have numerous students at Cromwell College studying at QUT, Griffith Uni, and ACU) are able to access the UQ WIFI network with no quota restrictions. 

Unique Services for Cromwell Students:
  • There is a professionally staffed CITG Help Desk open between the hours of 8:30am and 6:00pm weekdays, with an emergency, after-hours call-out service available.
  • Cromwell College has in addition, appointed IT Senior Student Representatives within Cromwell who can undertake minor trouble shooting for other students where contact with CITG staff may not be necessary. 
  • The CITG Help Desk responds to network and printer related student enquiries.
  • Discount user pays services are available for additional student enquiries (computer technicians are available to go to student rooms to perform system recovery and repairs).
  • Additional Commercial Internet plans are available for those who do not receive sufficient quota from UQ or who are unable to connect their device to the UQ network.
  • Student labs contain regularly updated hardware running the latest Microsoft operating system and office suites, as well as other software considered necessary for students to have access to for their courses.
  • A strong working relationship with UQ provides CITG and Cromwell College with access to the latest technologies being employed by the University, in some cases acting as a test bed for new services.

What are the IT advantages of attending Cromwell College:
Simply, CITG provides the highest speed of any accommodation available to UQ students, and has the only local residential IT help desk where students can call to get assistance on wide ranging IT issues.