College Idol Commencement Dinner

Cultural Pursuits

Cromwell College joins with the other nine UQ Colleges in competing for the Inter College Council (ICC) Cultural Cup. Students have the opportunity to compete in a diverse variety of activities. The ICC cultural events are currently One Act Play, Debating, Oratory, Dancefest, Bandfest, Choralfest, Chess and College Idol.

At Cromwell, the emphasis is firmly upon participation and enjoyment. Many Cromwell students have talents in cultural fields, whilst others less experienced culturally are encouraged to participate within the supportive and inclusive environment that Cromwell fosters. With this attitude, Cromwell has a high participation rate across the various activities, and our results in the cultural competitions are generally very commendable, given our size as the smallest coeducational college.

By far the biggest ICC cultural event is Dancefest. Months of choreography, costuming and rehearsals take place to produce an outstanding show each year on the professional stage in the UQ Centre, and consequently, Dancefest offers the highest points towards the ICC Cultural Cup. Cromwell generally has over fifty performers in this event. Bandfest showcases diverse musical talent, plays out at night on a large outdoor stage, and draws a large and vocal audience from across the colleges. One Act Play occurs in the impressive UQ Schonell Theatre, and provides opportunities for Cromwell students to participate both on and off the stage. “Cromwell Idol” precedes ICC College Idol and really is a lot of fun! Choralfest allows Cromwell students with and without singing experience to be involved, and generally has high participation. Debating and Oratory show some truly outstanding performances, and Cromwell’s “Extreme Chess” team has done very well in recent years! 

In addition to the ICC Cultural Competition, the Cromwell College Students’ Association each year organises an excellent formal Cultural Event for Cromwell students. This black tie affair occurs on the impressive dining room deck at twilight, and features top shelf food, drinks and live entertainment.

Cromwell recognises the cultural participation of its students at its annual Cultural Dinner. Awards are presented importantly for participation as well as for results. A well known entertainer performs at this dinner each year as cultural inspiration for the students. International stars such as Shannon Noll (singer) and Matt Hollywood (magician) are two recent performers at the Cultural Dinner!

In short, the cultural program at Cromwell provides students of all abilities and experience with a positive break from their academic work, and leads to  a more balanced life at University and at College.