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Application Process for Bursaries

Bursaries are only possible due to kind people who empathize with Cromwell’s mission donating their own money for the benefit of others to the bursary funds over many years. It is therefore essential that the College be prudent in assessing and where appropriate, awarding these funds.

The bursary categories (below) are not subject to a quota, and are designed for students and their families who have no or very limited means to fully pay for a Cromwell College experience. There is no closing date for bursary applications. Families should apply when the need arises.

Applicants are required to write to the Principal including in their letter:

  1. The full circumstances surrounding the need for financial support.
  2. The dollar amount of financial support desired.
  3. A proposed time frame for this support to continue.

The application should be supported with certified copies of tax statements for the past three years both for the student applying and for their parents, along with a certified list of assets.

The Principal and the Business Manager will review applications as received, which may also be discussed with the Cromwell College Foundation. The College strives to respond to bursary applications as quickly as possible for families.

The College encourages those students and families with genuine financial hardship to apply for bursary assistance.

The College respectfully asks that those students and families who receive bursary assistance, consider contributing back to the fund an equal or greater amount when their circumstances may allow this to happen later in life. In this way, today’s generation can roll down the ladder for the next, just as the funds available today have come from past generations for today.

Bursaries Available

Helen Begbie Memorial Bursary

The Helen Begbie Memorial Bursary was established by the Cromwell College Foundation in March 2003 as a means to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds not already enrolled, to come to Cromwell College.

The Bursary was established in memory of Mrs Helen Begbie, wife of Rev Dr. Hugh M Begbie (Principal 1995-2010). Mrs Begbie passed away from cancer on 11 December 2002.

The Board of Governors would appreciate financial support for the Fund which finances this Bursary from those families who knew of the positive impact which Helen had on the College community. Gifts from others who did not know Helen but who appreciate the significance of the Bursary would also be greatly appreciated.

Rev G Lindsay Lockley Fund

As a major project of the 25th Jubilee Celebrations, the College established the G. Lindsay Lockley Fund. It was designed to help students already in Cromwell College who were experiencing financial difficulties. The Fund was established in remembrance of the services of the Foundation Principal, the Rev Dr G. Lindsay Lockley who served the College from 1950-1969. Dr Lockley was recognized for his varied services to the College, for his broader contribution to the community of the University where he lectured on Church History, for his involvement in Theological Colleges, and for his leadership in the Australian church. The Board of Governors would appreciate financial support for this Bursary to keep the legacy of Rev Dr G. Lindsay Lockley going.

Remote Families Bursary Fund

In 2018 the Foundation approved the creation of the Remote Families Bursary Fund. This Fund is there to assist families either new or currently enrolled at Cromwell College whose primary home is in a remote location. The College uses the ABS definition map (2016) to define “remote” using the categories of “remote” and “very remote”.

Christopher John Woodhouse Family Memorial Fund

Chris Woodhouse attended Cromwell College from Darwin in 2009.  Tragically Chris drowned trying to rescue a friend in rough waters while in Darwin during the summer break after his first year at Cromwell.  His family has funded the Christopher John Woodhouse Memorial Scholarship.

Christopher John Woodhouse Family Memorial Scholarship Christopher John Woodhouse Family Memorial Scholarship (383 KB)

University of Queensland Young Achievers Program Scholarships

Cromwell College currently offers up to three scholarships valued at $9000 over three years per student for students from low socio economic backgrounds, recommended through the UQ Young Achievers Program.

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