Valedictory Dinner 2018

Thirty three students were presented to the College as Valedictorians at this year’s Valedictory Dinner held on Tuesday 16th October. It was a pleasure to host a number of distinguished guests, members of the Board of Governors, staff and last year’s College medallist Ms Jannikka Balko.

Our guest speaker this year was Mr Stewart Glynn who joined Transition Level Investments with Steve Baxter, of Shark Tank fame, in early 2016, and currently leads its investment team. Before joining the venture world, Stewart previously held roles at the global conglomerate General Electric (GE) and more recently KPMG, working in various positions across strategy, finance and merger and acquisitions. His particular focus is on Australian technology, education and consumer companies sourcing funding from local and international investors. Stewart has also started his own e-commerce company. Stewart holds a degree in Finance from QUT and grew up in Zimbabwe during turbulent times under the Robert Mugabe regime before immigrating to Australia to start university life. Stewart resided at Cromwell as a student from 2006 - 2008 and was accompanied on the night with his wife Colleen (nee Ferries) who was also at Cromwell from 2006 - 2008. 

In his address Stewart reflected on his time at the College, the challenges he faced through his years of study and in his profession, the importance of networking, taking calculated risks, particularly in the early part of one’s profession, and learning from mistakes.

The Secretary of COCA, Mr Alan Wrigley, welcomed all the Valedictorians into COCA and highlighted the benefits of maintaining an association with the college in years to come.

Our Principal, Mr Ross Switzer, presented this year’s College Medal to Ms Brodie Johnson, the outgoing Vice President of the Students’ Association and RA for Top Dowling. 

Ross once again wove his literary magic by putting together his annual “fairy tale” combining the Valedictorian’s names and Fresher names, something that is hard for guests to decipher and follow but always well received by students.

Ms Meredith Melvin and Mr Geoffrey Lyhne, both Valedictorians, provided the musical highlight on the night by singing “Time After Time”, by Cindy Lauper. The evening then finished with the Valedictorians recessing to a song of their choice, this year being “Everything will Change” by Gavin De Graw, and Mr Sam Duffy, The Lion, presenting a wonderful snapshot of the Valedictorians’ time at the college in a well-choreographed video.

Special thanks to the kitchen, maintenance and administrative staff at the College. They once again provided invaluable support in preparing the dining room and catering for students, staff and guests.

Photos from the night can be viewed on our Facebook page album here.