University Medal to Geoffrey White

Cromwell received the outstanding news recently that Mr Geoffrey White (Student Adviser Academic / Pastoral) is to be awarded a University Medal.  Geoffrey is well known throughout the College for his superior academic credentials and associated accurate and well considered advice and support to the students.  To be eligible for nomination for a University Medal, a student must have qualified for the degree (which may be a subsequent degree) with first class honours; and achieved a quality of performance throughout the program above and beyond that required for the award of first class honours.  Geoffrey's degree was Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours, with majors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Studies in Religion.  His GPA was 7.0.  Only the top one percent of Bachelor degree graduates in the relevant faculty may be nominated.  Currently, a minimum GPA of at least 6.55 including all courses contributing to the relevant program is required.  The award of University Medal is approved by the Vice Chancellor.  Cromwell College has seen 35 of its students awarded a University Medal since 1961, and their names are etched in gold leaf on an honour board in the Dining Room.  Geoffrey becomes the first staff member.  This is a well deserved award for Geoffrey, and one with which the whole College shares his celebration.