Tutorial Program at Cromwell

At Cromwell, academic support of all students is a priority because we recognise the importance of students’ academic aspirations and achievements. This invaluable support comes in many forms, including academic and pastoral counsel from a range of staff networks who make a point to be readily available, and our Cromwell Tutorial Program.


This Tutorial Program affords students with small-group, peer-assisted tutorials. These are taught by externally-sourced expert tutors, or high-achieving Cromwell students who have recently demonstrated their exceptional abilities in the course and therefore have a knowledge of not only the content taught, but also of the difficulties that any given course can pose. The aim of these tutorials is to create a learning environment that provides a channel toward group-learning and inter-peer communicative learning, while complementing the university experience with another learning avenue that aids in absolute conceptual understanding through close interaction with knowledgeable tutors. Tutors are also required to attend a training session directed and designed by the University of Queensland.

As is Cromwell's values, it is our belief that every student should be supported, and therefore that if a course tutorial is requested, it will be provided. With nearly 30 different courses supported in Semester 1 2015 spanning across fields of Science, Engineering, Arts, Business and Economics, Nursing and Law, we have demonstrate, and will continue to demonstrate our support of our fellow Cromwellians, as is the case in every aspect of Cromwell life.

Josh 'Ylvis' Sheehy - Senior Tutor