Superb Effort at Choralfest

For seven weeks, the Choralfest group rehearsed multiple times a week to perfect their performances in the aim of improving the status and enjoyment of Choralfest within the college. They achieved this with great success. On the 3rd of May, Cromwell performed at the 2016 ICC Choralfest competition at the South Bank Institute of Technology.  With an overwhelming turn out of supporters, the choir placed 8th. The choir consisted of 30 students from the fresher, second and third year cohorts. The choir was conducted by Cromwell Student Advisor and post graduate Music student, Dominic Retschlag. The Choir performed Twisted Measure's rendition of Sia's "Chandelier" and Idea of North's rendition of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror".  Following this, 12 of the choir's most passionate singers performed a traditional piece "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" by Philip Stopford, which featured very difficult techniques such as 7/8 time signatures and soprano notes two octaves above middle C. The rehearsal and performance process for these songs were challenging but rewarding. The students of Cromwell have made the Cultural and Choralfest conveners proud again with their genuine approach to cultural events.