Successful Preparation (P) Week for Student Leaders

Sunday 14 February, after many long months of being separated, saw 36 Cromwellians who are the student leadership team for 2016, travel in from all over the country and overseas to come together and start preparations for the year ahead.  Those 36 students consisted of the Orientation (0) Week Organising Committee, O Week Convener, Board of Governors Representative, Students’ Association Executive members and all Resident Assistants (RA’s). They were joined by our Principal, Deputy Principal, 3 Student Advisors, and a variety of external facilitators.

Cromwell College’s P-week program has traditionally been exhausting and full, and this year was no different. Sessions, activities and workshops ran all day, whilst the nights were full of social events to further build relationships with many of the nine other UQ colleges.

Sessions included, NAAUC on the Road seminars, accredited Mental Health First Aid training, Emerging Leadership Workshops, the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, many hours of Handbook discussions, and O Week preparations involving personalizing materials for our 99 incoming new students.

Michael Crome (Deputy Principal) did a tremendous job in organising his first P Week program for the student leaders, which ensured that we were all fully prepared for O Week and equipped with the skills to commence our work as student leaders at Cromwell

Sophie ‘Hazard’ Davis

Students’ Association President 2016