Successful “Land Cruise” Cultural Event!

One of the most adored events of the year, the Annual Cromwell College Students’ Association Boat Cruise (revamped to be on land!), was held on the 30th April 2016 at Cromwell College. Organised by the Cultural Convenor Antonia O’Flaherty, the Students’ Executive presented ‘Boat Cruise 2016: Return of the Roaring 20s’ to a great success. The deck and Hancock/Dowling lawn were transformed into a 1920’s secret speakeasy, promoting a night to ‘put on the ritz’ and celebrate Cromwellian life in high class. The event kicked off at 4pm where various cultural activities and entertainment could be enjoyed such as Badminton, Croquet, Qoits, Giant Jenga, Fairy Floss and a Photo booth. The guests were treated to live performances from the current Cromwell Bandfest group (Daniel White, Grace Volger, Peter Thurnwald, Matthew Powell, Craig Land, Reece Reed and Ben Goutler). Following this, Cromwell’s 2015 College Idol victor Bronte Holding performed an acoustic set, and saxophonist Matthew Powell performed a solo Jazz set. Later into the night St Johns College Band and current resident DJ Justin Di Bella closed the evening that was the perfect opportunity for past and present Cromwell students to gather enjoying a cocktail event, while celebrating the rich cultural scene and talents of students at Cromwell.  Click through to our Facebook page to see some great photos from the night.