Successful Fresher Rugby Team

This month saw the Cromwell Fresher Rugby Team assert themselves as the dominant co-ed College in the ICC.  Whilst the fresher rugby competition doesn't contribute any points to the overall intercollegiate competition, it provides the opportunity for all the colleges to sample some of the new talent coming through.  Moreover, at Cromwell, it allows the fresher boys to really experience the Crommie Ticker spirit for the first time.  Ably coached by second years Greg Milne, Matt McMahon and Patrick Chesters, the boys secured 3rd place on the overall standing with victories over St John's, Union and Emmanuel, whilst putting in spirited performances against Leo's and King's who have the advantage of being larger in numbers and with all male cohorts.

Looking to secure the title of best co-ed College, the season hinged on our final match against Emmanuel who were vying for the same spot.  With Cromwell down in the final minutes, Andrew McMahon capitalized on a quick tap, shaking off several tackles to run 50 metres along the touchline to score the decisive points.  It was all Matt McMahon could do not to storm the pitch and give him a big ol' brotherly kiss!  Notable mentions for the season must also go to James Preston, Fin Hooper, Alex Beatty, Jack Walsh and Brandon Sue.  Best co-ed College is significant for Cromwell, especially in a contact sport, as we are the smallest co-ed College with less boys than any other College.

Irrespective of the great result, the season, as it does every season, has seen a great bond form between the fresher boys, many of whom were playing Rugby Union for the first time.  We look forward to seeing as many as possible taking the step up into the open team next semester.

Liam "Ultimatum" Baum

(1st Year Law - Gold Coast)

Cromwell Fresher Boys' Rugby Team celebrate their well earned third place after their final game.