Success at First Industry Breakfast

On Thursday 20 August physiotherapy students at Cromwell were treated to a breakfast with Mr Aaron Lamont who is the Physiotherapist Clinical Leader – Orthopaedics, OPD and ED
Physiotherapy Department at The Prince Charles Hospital. Aaron, an Old Cromwellian, spoke about his time at Cromwell but in particular on his career pathway after leaving Cromwell. He gave some valuable insights into the working life of a physiotherapist, the types of experiences and job opportunities that physiotherapy students can pursue, tips on job applications, how to set yourself apart from others when applying for jobs and the importance of work experience. A number of interesting questions were posed by students which Aaron was able to answer in detail by drawing on many years of working in the profession and through his knowledge of how the physiotherapy program works at UQ. 

These breakfasts are an important element of the relationship between COCA and Cromwell, creating opportunities for current students to gain professional experience and learn from mentors that have worked in their respective industries.

If you are in any of the following industries and can offer some professional insight into these areas, please contact Michael Crome via or by calling 07 3377 1234:

  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Engineering

Mr Aaron Lamont with Cromwell Physiotherapy students