Strong Academic Culture at Cromwell

With a small number of results still to be factored in, the Cromwell Grade Point Average for first semester 2017 is currently 5.10. This is a solid result for a small coeducational college that imposes no academic tests for initial enrolment. There were some great results and the following statistics are worth noting: There were 8 Cromwell College students who achieved the perfect score of 7.0 for every course they studied. There were 90 grades of 7 awarded across the College. There were 200 grades of 6 awarded across the College. 53 students achieved a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher. The overall male GPA was 5.06 and the overall female GPA 5.14. First year students’ GPA was 5.15 (male) 5.15 (female), second year students’ GPA 4.90 (male) 5.19 (female), and third year students’ GPA 5.09 (male) 4.96 (female).

The academic support program headed by our Deputy Principal (Michael Crome) and our Senior Tutor (Jaryu Shaw) continues to further expand with college based tutorials being arranged (at no cost) for students who request them. There were 70 subjects in which regular weekly tutorials were offered in the college last semester.

These results continue to show that Cromwell is a college with a strong culture of academic excellence. It is a place where students can achieve to their potential academically, whilst also being involved if they choose in many positive sporting, cultural, social and service opportunities.