Science Faculty - Academic Breakfast

Dr Lena Constantin was our guest speaker at the Science Academic Breakfast on Thursday 23rd August.  Eleven students, from a variety of scientific backgrounds, were present to hear Lena speak about her time at UQ and in particular the path she took leading to achieving her PHD and her current work as a biomedical researcher at the University of Queensland. Lena is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Biomedical Sciences with over ten years of laboratory experience in molecular genetics and neurobiology. Her research interests are in the development and function of the cerebellum, in addition to the role that genetic factors play in causing phenotypical changes to cerebellar growth, foliation, molecular patterning and function. She is currently investigating the link between cerebellar dysfunction and autism spectrum disorder. Lena highlighted the importance of having a variety of practical laboratory skills and techniques (some of which Lena obtained overseas in Singapore) when applying for post graduate study and ensuring that you are aware of and have read papers published by researchers in the groups you are applying to do work in.
Photograph: Students attending the Science Faculty Breakfast