Rosies Representative Speaks at Formal Dinner

On Tuesday 8 September Clare Scoble spoke at the formal dinner and gave an insight into the work of Rosies in Brisbane.  Over 20,000 Queenslanders are homeless each night and Clare spoke of the impact that not having a home had on individuals, particularly the lack of security, social interaction, shelter and belonging.  Clare indicated that a significant number of homeless people are under the age of twelve and elderly.  She spoke of her own work as a volunteer and the satisfaction that she gained from giving up her time to assist those by just being there and engaging in conversations with them.  Kayla Grills, a current student, then spoke about her involvement in Rosies and how it had been such a rewarding experience for her to be involved in the outreach program this year.

During October, each corridor at Cromwell will be competing against each other to create the biggest food parcel, hygiene pack or box of outreach supplies to donate to Rosies.  It is hoped that Cromwell will be able to donate at least 17 boxes of donations to give to Rosies, an organisation which students feel passionate about supporting.

Dr Joe Goodall with Clare Scoble