Prestigious University Medal Awarded to Cromwell Student!

On Friday 19 July, Jemimah Thompson (2014 - 2016) graduated with a BA with Honours in Philosophy degree. In addition, Jemimah was awarded a University Medal for truly outstanding academic achievement. Her name will be added to the honour board for University medallists in the Cromwell Dining Room.

She is starting a PhD in Philosophy at Yale in August, focusing on the early modern (17th century) period. She will get to explore the modern concept of the human being, the ordered universe, the nature of scientific and moral knowledge, and their relationship to the phenomenon of secularity. It’s a six year program which includes two years of coursework and then a dissertation supervised by some wonderful philosophers and scholars of philosophy’s history - whose work she cited in her honours thesis and had only dreamed of meeting!

The Cromwell College community is very proud of Jemimah and her achievements.