Outstanding Teamwork in ICC Dancefest

The ICC Dancefest was held on the night of the 14th of October in the UQ centre. A good show is always to be expected at Dancefest, as it is the biggest ICC event of the year in terms of audience and participation.

 Cromwell’s entry had a Universal Studios theme and had music ranging from Lorde to Hall and Oats. 65 Cromwellians (girls and boys) participated in the dance which was completely choreographed by the student Dancefest conveners, Melissa Morshead, Sophie Jones, Georgia Chin, Sam Denlay, and Tyler Lawrence. 

 “I absolutely loved convening and the process of creating and teaching the dances as well as watching everyone learn it and it grow into a full production.” – Melissa Morshead, 2nd year Student (Bachelor of Education).

Overall Cromwell came 6th out of the Colleges, although this wasn’t the result Cromwell was aiming for, it was respectable nonetheless, and all involved should be proud of their efforts.

The 2015 Cromwell Dancefest Team