Open House 2018

The second annual Open House event was held on the 21st of July on the Cromwell Deck, Old Collegians' Courtyard and the dining room. Open House was collectively organised by the students of Cromwell, the Foundation Committee and Cromwell College. It was a night for all current Cromwell students and their parents to experience the friendly ambiance and excitement surrounding the college for the beginning of Semester 2. It was a time for students to reconnect and for parents to put faces to the names that populated their children's stories over the holidays.

It was a free event with dinner and a variety of drinks on offer. Presentations were held, in particular honouring the hard work and dedication of Ces Fairbank, having worked 25 years in our Cromwell kitchen.  

This year the name of the Student’s Association Bar was auctioned off, ultimately reaching a hefty bid of $500. Ben Johnson, Luke Vaughan and their parents must be greatly thanked for the generous winning bid. The money raised shall go to the Cromwell Students’ Association, the Foundation Committee (who fund bursaries for students in hardship wishing to attend Cromwell) and the College itself. 

Overall the night was a very big success and shall be returning around the same time next year. Thanks must go out to all members involved in the planning, organisation and running of the event. 

Roxane Mutschler (Fetty Trap)