ONE GIRL, Do It In A Dress and Cromwell

On Tuesday 5th September Ms Sharni Kelly from the One Girl organisation spoke at our formal dinner. Sharni is the  HR and Community Manager for One Girl, an organisation that focuses on raising money to educate girls. Sharni has completed a Masters of Human Rights degree and has always had a mindset of wanting to change the world. Prior to joining One Girl she participated in a wide variety of voluntary positions both in Australia and overseas including joining the  team at ChildFund, working as a Fundraising Coach for hundreds of charity supporters and leading a 400km World Vision cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia.

Sharni pointed out that over 60 million girls around the world are denied an education but Sierra Leone and Uganda, in particular, are some of the worst places on earth to be born a girl. A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be forced into marriage as a child than she is to go to high school and statistically in Sierra Leone and Uganda up to 40% of girls are married before they’re 18.

Education is seen by One Girl as an essential ingredient for change, since through education it is anticipated that a girl will marry later, have fewer children, and those children will be healthier and more likely to be educated too. Their goal is to educate one million girls in Africa by 2020, commencing with Sierra Leone. October is the month of One Girl’s signature fundraising project, ‘’Do It in a Dress”, which  encourages teams of fundraisers across the globe to wear a school uniform dress from Sierra Leone to raise awareness and money. Cromwell College was a major contributor to the $719,000 raised through the campaign in 2016 and will be supporting the campaign once again in October this year. The Principal has indicated he will be participating!