Good Luck to the Valedictorians of 2015

Tuesday the 27th of October marked the last formal dinner for 41 Cromwell Valedictorians. This event is always one of mixed emotions, as students, although jubilant to be taking the next step in their academic and professional careers, also sad to be leaving the place they called home.

The Valedictory Dinner additionally provides an opportunity to recognise the service of the College’s Resident Assistants and the Student Association Executive for their service and commitment to the College in their time as residents.

Congratulations to Charles Evans who was this year’s recipient of the Cromwell Medal.

The Cromwell Medal is the highest award bestowed by the College and is presented annually at the Valedictory Dinner. It is awarded to the graduating student who best displays breadth and successful involvement and achievement across as many areas of Cromwell life as possible (academic, spiritual, leadership, cultural, sporting and collegiate life.) Charles will now have his name etched in gold leaf on the honour board in the Dining Hall.

This year, Cromwell Alumnus Dr Stuart Bade (1993-1998), addressed the Valedictorians as their guest speaker. Dr. Bade is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and is currently the Director of Paediatric Plastic and Reconstructive surgery for Children’s Health Queensland. Dr Bade shared three V’s: Vocation, Validation and Value. He posed the question to the Valedictorians as to whether they were pursuing their vocations, seeking validation or acting from a position of validation, and how these tied into their values.

The Cromwell Old Collegians’ Association (COCA) President, Daniel Baum, was also there on the evening to address the Valedictorians. His message was clear, that although their time at Cromwell was coming to a close, their time as a Cromwellian was not.

Good luck to all of Cromwell’s 2015 Valedictorians and remember to stay in touch!


“Once a Cromwellian, Always a Cromwellian”

2015 Cromwell Valedictorians