Frederick North Memorial Prize

The Frederick North Memorial Prize is presented at the Valedictory Dinner to a student who best exhibits spiritual leadership within the College. The Reverend Frederick North was Principal of the Queensland Congregational Theological College between 1917 and 1927. North building, opened in 1954, bears his name. 

This year's prize winner has alongside others, organized and led spiritual discussions over the past couple of years. They have nurtured a spirit of enquiry amongst other students. They have organized life and prayer discussion groups, attended with others the Christ Community Church, introduced the all Colleges’ praise and prayer night, is actively involved with Uni Impact, and was instrumental in establishing the new Prayer Room in the Cromwell Chapel.  She is a humble person, whose Christian example is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. She balances her life, uses her College experience wisely, and is a great Christian example to others. 

The winner of the Frederick North Memorial Prize for 2019 is Joelle Cullen (Biloela).