First Class Honours Awarded to Cromwell's Student Advisor

Geoffrey White (Student Advisor Academic / Pastoral) at Cromwell College has been awarded First Class Honours at UQ in his Bachelor of Arts Degree, with Majors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Studies in Religion.  Geoffrey graduated with a cumulative GPA of 7.  The award of First Class Honours was based on 3 major sections of assessment, and for each piece, Geoffrey was awarded a grade of 7: 

     - The co-translation of a classical Arabic Qur'anic treatise into English for publication 

     - Two minor research papers and two seminar presentations on methodology (one of each on hermeneutical scriptural approaches and one of each on the Orientalism debate), and a Thesis Proposal. 

     - Honours Thesis, titled 'It's Complicated: The Complexity of Relationships between Islam, Peace, Violence and Nonviolence'. 

Since completing his Honours, Geoffrey has also completed a Certificate of Mediation with the UQ School of Political Science, qualifying as a certfied mediator, and is currently engaged in a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education, a Graduate Diploma in Conflict resolution, and a Diploma in Arabic Language.  Cromwell is very fortunate to have a person of the calibre of Geoffrey White assisting its students.